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Hi Everyone

Hi, I'm Jacki, owner and head coach here at The Bar Health and Fitness. I have worked in the Fitness Industry since I was 20 and started our small business back in 2011, which has grown and changed so much since then. In 2019 we decided to go women's only and we have not looked back.

I am a mum of 5, a wife, a dog owner and a wearer of many hats, Sport and Fitness have been strong in my life since I was very little.

I love educating and inspiring women to see that their life can look like whatever they want it to be. They don't have to be 'just a mum' or 'a girl' who doesn't think they fit at the gym or anything in between. I love to see people better themselves, grow in strength inside and out and conquer things in life they never thought they could.

My ambition is to change as many lives as I possibly can, by showing that everyone can reach for the stars and find magic

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nutrional certificate
Jacki is a Qualified Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach & Level 1 Nutritional Coach
Jacki Ashpole
Vision Statement: To create a positive space for all women to embrace and create good health in all aspects of life
Mission Statement: To empower women to make positive change in mind and body


Providing a supportive, encouraging, passionate environment where everyone is welcome with open arms


Setting "The Bar" with supportive coaching, presentation of the gym & Member's Safety. Strive for continuous excellence & improvement 

you are beautiful

Women are strong. We are brave. We embrace our bodies for what they can achieve. Join us & become stronger

We offer a variety of classes to suit all fitness levels

  • Weight Loss/ Management

  • Toning & Sculpting

  • Resistance Training

  • Muscle Building

  • Mobility / Flexibility

  • Speed, Strength, Power Development

  • Nutritional Advice


SISTA STRONG - Weights based class. Learning Olympic lifts and strength based work. Suitable for all fitness levels

SISTA FIT - HIIT style workouts. High intensity. Work on increased fitness overall. Suitable for all fitness levels

BOX FIT - Boxing style workout. High intensity with body weight exercises included. Suitable for all fitness levels. Equipment supplied

BOSS BABES - A 45 minute high intensity workout. Often partner or team workouts. Good way to finish the training week

MIXED FIT - A varied class of both strength and high intensity work. For both Men & Women

MIXED STRETCH - A yoga inspired class. Get the heart rate up to begin, finishing with a gentle slow practice to get everyone settle for bed

training schedule


6AM - 6.45AM Strong 
9:30AM - 10.15AM Fit
5PM - 5:45PM Fit 
6PM - 6:45PM Strong 


5AM - 5.45AM Fit
6AM - 6.45AM BoxFit
9:30AM - 10.15AM Strong
5PM - 5:45PM Strong 


5AM - 5.45AM Strong
6AM - 6.45AM Strong
9:30AM - 10.15AM BoxFit
5PM - 5:45PM BoxFit


5AM - 5.45AM Fit
6AM - 6.45AM Fit 
9.30AM - 10.15AM Fit
5PM - 5:45PM Strong


5AM - 5.45AM Strong
6AM - 6.45AM Fit


7AM - 7.45 AM Boss Babes 






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Our Coaches

As well as myself, we're super lucky to have amazing coaches at The Bar. We all have our unique flair & deliver the best support to "Our Tribe". We are fully trained & passionate about our work. Our aim is to provide members with the very best support to achieve their personal goals

Dot Poulter


Group Fitness and Box Fit Coach

I've been part of the fitness industry for the last 4 years & gained qualifications in 2019

My career over the last 34 yrs has been in healthcare working as a nurse in acute care and general practice

I've remained very active throughout my life and participated in many individual & team sports: netball indoor & outdoor, squally ball, indoor cricket, tennis, swimming, athletics, water aerobics, aerobics, walking, running, dancing (jazz / tap) & obstacle races

My family moved to Medowie in 2009

Proud mother to 3 children and 8 grandchildren & I try to spend as much time with them as possible, as work and study commitments allow

I'm currently studying a diploma of exercise sports science

Jo C The Bar Health & Fitness Coach


Box Fit Coach

I'm is a married mum with 2 adult children

I've tried lots of different sports over the years with Netball being my main sport

I really got interested in fitness and health at the age of 46 so it's never too late!

I love doing fun runs and have done several City 2 Surfs, a few obstacle races and 5 half marathons (21km)

Keeping fit as you get older is important as the old adage "Use it or Lose it" is a very true saying

What "Our Tribe" Say

Best decision I’ve ever made joining The Bar Health and Fitness!! It’s taken me 33 years to enjoy exercise! This place is my haven! Some life challenges hit my world, but Jacki and the amazing community of strong women have helped me rebuild my best life. Strong mind, strong body! I’m on the road to living my very best life and certainly attribute this to The Bar. I have so much love and gratitude for this amazing community that is sooo much more than a gym


Wonderful relaxed environment-thanx for that Jacki it’s been years since I’ve been to a gym & I felt comfortable from the first visit. The Bar also has lovely supportive ladies to encourage you and to inspire you


Everyone is very friendly & welcoming, a great balanced workout & I go home dripping with sweat. We never forget to have a few laughs along the way too


I bloody love The Bar! Although I'm a trainer there, I love heading to the classes and pushing myself to get to the goals I've set and there is no better place or group of people to help that happen!


Love the community feeling to classes, I feel comfortable joining in as a beginner but trainers Jared and David push you to become fitter and stronger with a focus on good technique. Flexible options available, good timetable and I can bring my daughter along which assists me when I don't have options for her care and would otherwise not be able to train


I have been training with Jacki since March and I couldn't be happier. She is a great trainer, makes time for her clients and ensures that we are doing things properly so we gain the most out of it and so we don't hurt ourselves. I have come so far in my health and fitness since joining Project PT and it's all thanks to Jacki and her support!


Had great results & great support. Really enjoy the team environment were we all push & support each other


Great relaxed place to train! Flexible hours and great friendly atmosphere


It’s a non intimidating environment. They accept all fitness levels


Love the bar health and fitness, very welcoming and accomodating to all fitness levels. Would definitely recommend

I absolutely love The Bar!!
Such a great bunch of people. Jacki and jarad put 100% into helping everyone is get the results they want.
I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Fantastic support. I have seen amazing results all whilst receiving the very best care. I am able to do things I couldn't before. Highly recommended - the classes are fantastic with my children in tow also


I have had nothing but support and encouragement from the beginning. I would highly recommend Project PT. Everyone there is very supportive. The prices are very reasonable. If you are looking to get fit, have fun and meet great people Project PT is the place to do it


The Bar is such an incredible environment where you can work on your health and fitness with the most amazing trainer, It's an environment where people of all fitness levels can train comfortably and with endless support! Jacki goes above and beyond her role as a trainer, she genuinely cares about each and every person who forms part of The Bar family and I would highly recommend The Bar to anyone who is interested in a safe, comfortable and friendly environment to train. Joining The Bar has been the best decision I have made for myself!


Health Quote

"You Always Get What You've Always Got...... If You Always Do What You've Always Done"

Jessie Potter

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